Bronte City Hall
114 South Washington
Bronte, TX 76933

Economic Development Corporation

The role of an Economic Development Organization is to organize and implement a plan of action to improve the economic well-being and quality of life of residents of a given geographic area/region.



Bronte is centrally located within the State of Texas. The city is located 34 miles north of San Angelo, 42 miles south of Sweetwater and 57 miles southwest of Abilene, at the intersection of State Hwy 277 and 158.



Bronte                                                              999

Coke County                                                3,210

Number of Households                        426

Average Household Income               $28, 150


Weather                                                          Metric               

Average Temperature                              64.8°F

Hottest Month                                           July94.8°F

Coldest Month                                           January31.8°F

Annual Rainfall                                           24inches

Relative Humidity                                     59%

Wind Speed                                                  12mph

Days Between Frosts                              240


Distance to Major Cities                       Miles                 

Abilene, Texas                                               57

Austin, Texas                                                 223

Dallas, Texas                                                  240

Houston, Texas                                            375

Lubbock, Texas                                             164

Midland, Texas                                             116

Odessa, Texas                                               137

San Antonio, Texas                                    227


Highway / Air / Rail Network                                          

State Highways                                           277, 158