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Capsule Endoscopy


Diagnosing disorders in the small intestine with conventional techniques can be difficult, for both physicians and patients. Gastroenterology Associates offers a breakthrough in imaging technology that delivers detailed pictures of the gastrointestinal tract without an uncomfortable procedure or surgery.

This new diagnostic system uses a state-of-the-art M2A™ disposable imaging capsule containing a tiny camera that is easily swallowed by the patient. The capsule travels smoothly and painlessly through the GI Tract taking images and transmitting them to a receiver showing the inside of the small intestine, while the patient goes about their normal activities. This M2A™ technology is able to detect problems that other approaches may miss while being non-invasive and comfortable for the patient.

Gastroenterology Associates is among only a handful of medical centers in Texas where you'll find this sophisticated capsule endoscopy. Its just one more example of the advantages in technology that Gastroenterology Associates has been bringing to the people of The Big Country area. To learn more about M2A™ imaging, and other healthcare services provided by the physicians of Gastroenterology Associates, call us today at (325) 677-2626.