About Us

Brief History

The AAF San Angelo is an affiliation of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) and the AAF 10th District.  The AAF is headquartered in Washington, D.C.  It represents over 50,000 professionals in advertising or affiliated industries.  Comprised of 130 corporate members, AAF has a national network of 210 Ad Clubs as well as 210 college chapters.  AAF protects and promotes the well-being of advertising. This is accomplished through a unique, nationally coordinated grassroots network of advertisers, agencies, media companies, local advertising clubs and college chapters.

Our Mission:

  • To strive for the betterment of advertising in all areas affecting the advancement and general welfare of the business and its service to the public.    
  • To protect advertising from legislation and regulation which would over regulate and unduly restrain advertising and which would be harmful to the advertising industry.
  • To establish and promote industry self-regulation by the practitioners of advertising.   
  • To develop a better understanding of the role and benefits of advertising among governmental authorities, the consuming public, and in schools and universities, and to encourage and assist the best students to enter advertising as a career.
  • To recognize excellence in advertising.
  • To assist and promote public service causes. 
  • To offer programs to promote fellowship, communication, career enhancement, and education among members of the advertising industry.

The Benefits:

  • Brings members together to yield creative business solutions.
  • Protects and promotes advertising at all levels of government through grassroots activities.
  • Educates members on the latest trends in technology, creativity and marketing.
  • Provides programs to assist local association volunteer leadership.
  • Presents the industry with its future leaders.
  • Honors advertising excellence.
  • Promotes diversity by encouraging the recruitment of people of diverse cultures.
  • Applies the communication skills of its members to help solve community concerns.

What's in it for you:

Joining AAF connects you with the local and national advertising and marketing community and provides you with the opportunity to collaborate with fellow professionals in your industry. As a member, you’ll be able to participate in relevant events that will directly link you to a valuable knowledge network you won’t have access to anywhere else. Rest assured that we aim to continually educate our members on current trends and keep you up-to-date on growth and transformations in the advertising field. As fellow ad professionals, we also want to acknowledge that you are a valuable resource to your peers. Becoming a member of AAF will motivate you to strive for greatness, inspire you to display your hard work and talents, and recognize your creative excellence in the art of advertising.



AAF San Angelo By-Laws

For a PDF version of our organization's by-laws, please click here.